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Abarila Foundation - af.care - gemeinsam gegen Hunger, Angst und Krankheit!

Abarila Foundation, together against hunger, fear and disease!

The Abarila Foundation supports ambitious and effective aid projects in many countries.
We also provide organizations volunteers, which supporting their projects.



Even a small contribution makes all the difference. We want to help those who suffer most under the indifference of the surroundings – the children.

In order to do our work in the future continue and to start with the development of new key projects, we appreciate any support we can get.

Help and thus make a valuable and much needed social commitment in our society!

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Making the world a better place –
Achieving more together!

We operate, support and encourage ambitious and effective aid projects in several countries.
We regularly receive information, updates and reports on projects and local partner organizations that supported Abarila Foundation.

How you may help!

Your donation is important – with your donation to support children, young people and families in need. Every contribution counts – donate now online! There are many ways to help – any help is welcome. We will show you what you can still do otherwise.

Even a small contribution has a great effect. We want to help those who suffer most from the indifference of the environment – the children.

  • 50€ for a package:
    • Aids package for families with basic food, baby food or items of daily necessity, all that is missing in families. With your donation you can give a family hope.
    • School start pack with school bags and backpacks or only with school materials.
    • Christmas package, because every child should be able to look forward to Christmas and to unpack gifts.
  • 100€ for a clothing package for a child including shoes and jacket for the winter.
  • 150€ for feeding a child for a whole month.

Or regularly support our work as a project sponsor or a permanent donor.

Your donation campaign

Make your birthday, your wedding, your sports fan or another creative idea into a fundraiser!

Give donations instead with the Abarila Foundation and betterplace.org

The good cause- your birthday

No matter if you are 15 or 50 years old – make your birthday a good thing by choosing something special this year: support for one of our projects. Invite your friends to donate instead of giving. Simply create a donation campaign free of charge and spread by e-mail or Facebook.

By talking about Abarila, you help us to make the projects more familiar and expand our network.



Every “Like” and part of our Facebook page helps us to make Abarila even more famous.


On the other hand, you are welcome to contribute ideas and initiatives for public relations, information events, fundraising, etc.

Company cooperation

Companies can also support Abarila – as a sponsor, with know-how or with public relations.
Talk to us about your ideas for cooperation!

Become a project sponsor – help people

You are interested in how your donation is used and what is causing it?

Then you will be project sponsors at Abarila.

As a sponsor you do not support a single person, but rather a topic that is dear to you. We use your regular donations in suitable projects, for example in the area of “food aid” or “disaster relief”.

donate now and help

Always up to date – project progress!

The way your donation – so you always know exactly what has been achieved with your donation everything.
All news about the work of Abarila Foundation, visit our Blog. About our Mission and Vision you can check here.



The mentally and physically disabled children and young people have the chance to have a full life.
You can us as a sponsor help our work to promote or support as sponsor selected individual projects.

Your donations will be carefully selected by us and used in your interest. That’s something you can rely on!

We welcome any support. Financial donations, donate time or advertising and promotion, as at events or on the Internet.

donate now and help

Help with a donation


Donations are the main source from which we fund our work. Every donation – and no matter how small – is welcome, as it allows us to effectively and sustainably to provide assistance. Please help us to continue to help!

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About the nonprofit organization – Abarila Foundation

There are a number of objectives to be achieved by the Abarila Foundation. The first and foremost task of the organization, however, is to help each person who needs help, so that we help people to live a better life. The Abarila Foundation is solely and exclusively supports charities and projects in many countries under the motto “Together we are strong.”

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