Disaster relief and health aid program

//Disaster relief and health aid program
Disaster relief and health aid program 2016-11-01T12:14:16+00:00

Abarila Foundation’s Health Mission

The purpose of initiating Abarila Foundation was all because of the natural disasters that are happening worldwide. Some of the most common natural disasters are earthquakes, tsunamis, famine, volcanoes, and hurricanes.

The above stated deadly hazards are those to which human beings and animals are exposed the most. Not only being deadly to humans and other life on earth, these disasters affect and destroy the daily routine life or the everyday life of a common man.  Natural disasters have a strong impact on the health as well as the well-being of human life. Some recently analyzed facts about the destruction caused by the natural disasters are:

  1. In the middle of the year 2000 and 2012, natural disasters caused $1.7 trillion in destruction and affected 2.9 billion people worldwide.
  2. 2012 denoted the third sequential year of overall common catastrophe harm surpassing $100 billion. 2011 achieved a high record of $371 billion.
  3. Worldwide in 2011, there were 154 floods, 16 droughts, and 15 instances of extremely high temperature.
  4. Over 1/2 of the casualties of both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy were senior residents beyond 65 years old. We should work with senior citizens to make a crisis arrangement if an occurrence of a calamity is triggered.
  5. Floods are the most common occurrences across the board on the normal calamity besides wildfires.

We can clearly see and state by checking out the above-mentioned facts that Natural disaster crises have been occurring periodically every year with a greater impact of destruction and deaths plus more and more people in the whole wide world are dying from droughts and famine.


The basic workflow and need for Abarila foundation’s health mission is to aid and take action intended to save precious human and animal lives, lighten suffering and keep up and secure human dignity in between the after effects of man-made crisis as well as natural disasters, and also to counteract and reinforce readiness for the event of such circumstances. What marks it out from different types of help and remote help is that it ought to be guided by the standards of:

Humankind – saving human lives and mitigating suffering wherever it is found.

The absence of prejudice – acting exclusively on the evidence of need, without discrimination between or inside influenced populations.

The solution to this crisis and destruction


Keeping in mind these problems and after effects of this destruction, there must be solutions to control and lessen the degree of destruction caused by these death-defying natural disasters.

That is the reason why we, the Abarila foundation took many steps to make the world a happy, livable and peaceful place to live in. One of it is the health mission, in which we support humanitarian emerging and development aid projects. Through our health mission, we have closed the gap between humanitarian aid and development aid, and thanks to our members, volunteers and top-level management, we have been successful in making this health mission a successful one till now and hopefully for the future too. Our health mission is working in many far away countries as well as underdeveloped countries, so that whenever there is a crisis triggered, our health mission team is there for the needy, disabled and those who are in need of help. Our teams also work jointly with various NGOs, NPOs, food banks and other concerned devotees in various countries, for aiding and supplying to those in distress and need. Additionally, we encourage people to join in with all their support for a larger program. Abarila foundation has ample human power, equipment and related stuff that is essential for the aiding and development of countries facing a natural disaster or a crisis.

Our mission is to be ahead amongst other health mission of the world as well as to support all the other aiding and development foundations existing in the world with full confidence, motivation, and dedication.

In the Health mission, one of the main objectives is to provide healthy food, supplements, nutrition, providing clean water to drink and hygienic food to the needy that have lost their houses, their happiness and helping those who are now in immense need of food aid. Whenever a disaster comes in a country or city, taking care of the time is crucial and that is the reason why our team of health mission immediately gets in action and provides relief and humanitarian aid to the affected ones.

Help the needy by helping us


We request you all that if you are linked with any type of mission that resembles ours or if you want to join hands with us in this health mission to defeat the bad days, then we welcome you with our warm hearts to participate with us. If you want, you can join us as a volunteer or send us a token of happiness for the needy i.e. any sort of donation.


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