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Abarila Foundation’s Food Aid Mission

Hunger and malnutrition is a global problem found in people of all age groups mainly under the below poverty level. Before discussing our food aid program and goals, here are some statistics on hunger and malnutrition. According to the reports of The State of Food Insecurity in World 2015, one among every nine people in this world goes to bed with hunger every night. The report further reveals an approximate estimation of 795 people across the globe is suffering of chronic malnutrition. Considering the seriousness of the problem, it is high time to spread mass awareness on the issue.

Purpose and Goals of Abarila Foundation’s Food Aid Program

Abarila foundation strongly supports the cause of food production projects for distribution among those in need. While the initial step is to spread awareness by educating people about the matter, there is lot we all can together do to bring some light into the darkness. Our volunteers do venture even to the remote areas worldwide to serve food to starving people especially women, children, elderly and patients with disability/health concerns.

We support the program on a wider angle working in the core areas from farming, food production, packaging and distribution. Our team members work in hand with various NGOs, NPOs, food banks and other concerned enthusiasts in various countries, for food supply to those in distress and need. Additionally, we encourage people to join in with all their support for a larger program. Not only food, we also want to spread essential medicines and supplements to eradicate malnutrition related problems in growing children and pregnant women to move on towards a better healthy future.

Farming and Food Production               

Abarila team members actively support cross farming in lands with low agricultural yields to increase the production. We also support organizations looking for supplying farm produces to hunger distressed population worldwide. We have previously worked with several organizations actively participating in food production and farming projects. We mainly encourage the production and supply of cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables with high nutritional values.

Health and Nutrition to Suffice Food Deficiencies

Nutrition deficiency is one of the main concerns for future of the mankind. Lack of proper nutrients in the body is the main cause of improper growth and development in growing children. We spread the awareness on nutrition deficiencies and the way it is affecting every third person on the planet. We seek medical supplies and nutrition supplements (rich in vitamins, minerals and essential macronutrients) for distribution with food products. Overall improvement in health and well-being for people in distress is our prime goal. During the food distribution process, our volunteers take care to supply the essential vitamin and mineral supplements to maximum of these people possible while educating people to take them. We are already in the process of adding these supplies to the packaged foods so that everyone equally receives the best food value.

Food Hygiene

Hygiene is a tough challenge especially when travelling to remote areas for the food aid programs. Aberila volunteers have worked with healthcare professionals and nutritionists to learn more about preserving food from contamination and staling. From cleaning the kitchenware items to cooking food, our members take intense care in maintaining utmost safety. We approve only food grade materials for meal preparation and serving purposes.

Working with Food Banks


Aberila foundation had wonderful experiences working in association with different food banks across several countries. We work in different ways to support the food bank program. Farmers and agencies urging to donate supplies to the food banks can contact us for the cause. We firmly take these produces to deposit in the concerned organizations. Additionally, we also seek help from these banks to support our programs. We carry supplies and packages from food banks to remote areas for our mass feeding campaigns and events. Besides feeding people, we are also enthusiastic about food aid for pets. We have previously worked with several Pets’ soup kitchen.

While it has been a wonderful experience working with several people in the food aid mission, our causing is growing each day. We believe in working together to achieve our motto “together we are strong”. Sharing is caring, so it is a great satisfaction to work in a team for sharing something with those who need it. Together we can share. Together we can care.

How Does the Food Aid Program Help?

An average estimation shows that there are over 850 million starving people worldwide. This is a vast population to cover and that too on a continuous process. Our resources are limited, so at least we can feed a small section of people. This is better than ignoring the cause all together. Though a small initiative, it is progress and more than that, awareness we want to spread. We largely aim to supply food rich in proteins and carbohydrates packed with high nutritional ingredients for overall health of starving people.

Addressing broader humanitarian causes, we seek support from people worldwide to spread our cause across social media, send us donations and join our team. If you have any similar project pertaining to health camps, food distribution program, mass awareness mission and others, our volunteers will be happy to join in for active participation. Our organization is based in Germany but we invite local organizations worldwide to contact us and help in spreading the mission even further.

The food aid program is only a part of our mission. We aim to promote several other causes such as clean and safe environment, health and sanitization, protection of women’s rights, clean water programs, animal rights etc. Now that we are online, we invite all visitors to stay in touch for more updates on our mission and future events.

Join Our Noble Food Aid Mission  

If you are associated with any similar mission or want to join our food aid program, we cordially invite people worldwide for participation. You can join as a volunteer or even send a donation. For more details about food aid, you can mail us at


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