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Transparency and control are important to us. A comprehensive control system ensures the proper use of the grants and checks the impact of our work. With a detailed reporting system, we report to our donors and the financial authorities. To further promote transparency and to prevent corruption, we have committed ourselves to publicly recognized codes.
The financial authority for corporations based in Kempten is responsible for the recognition of non-profit tax purposes. The tax office regularly checks on the statutes and the accounting whether the conditions for the tax credit are met and confirms this with a so-called exemption decision.

Compliance with the statutory requirements pursuant to Sections 51, 59, 60 and 61 AO has been determined separately by the Finanzamt für Körperschaften in Kempten pursuant to § 60a AO. It is confirmed that the grant is only used for non-profit purposes according to the law. Notification of 29.07.2016 according to § 60a AO

For grants of up to € 200, the account statement for the submission to the tax office is sufficient as an acknowledgment of receipt. For grants above 200 €, you will automatically receive a confirmation of the application in February of the following year.

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With your donation you support Children, young people and families in danger. Every contribution counts!
We vouch for the careful use of your donation funds. For clarity, transparency and control of donations - this is what the Abarila Foundation stands for.
Donations to the Abarila Foundation are tax deductible. Notification of 29.07.2016 according to § 60a AO
We guarantee that we use your data exclusively for the intended purpose and do not sell or rent it to third parties.
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