Every Child Deserves A Warm Meal

Every Child Deserves A Warm Meal

It’s our mission to make that happen.

We believe that food and education is the key to the progress of Haiti.

That’s why we support the projects of local communities and organizations.
Through financial support, teachers can be paid to ensure that they will be
there every day and that the costs of the school are more affordable.

In order for that to happen, we need your help.

We have a current project in Lepina, where the costs for teachers and materials
for one year are €2000. Another part of our project is to provide for the 1,000
children at the schools we support.

Cooks, oil, chickens, rice and coal are needed to cook and provide all children
with a hot meal a day. This project has a budget of € 5,000 per year.

If you could change a life, would you? With your help, children in Haiti can get
a warm meal and an education. Your donation can make a huge difference to
the lives of children suffering in Haiti.

Donate now and help!
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